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Business in Como could be better, studies say

Posted on 06 November 2017 by Calvin

Como Community Council Courner
By MICHAEL KUCHTA, Executive Director
Dale St. needs a destination or anchor business to improve its retail environment, according to a market analysis performed for the District 10 Como Community Council and the District 6 Planning Council.

The good news for Como residents is that the kinds of businesses that the studies say could work line up with the kinds of businesses Como residents say they want on Dale or elsewhere in the neighborhood. These include a moderately sized, full-service grocery; small restaurants and coffee shops with a local focus; and a taproom.

The two studies examined the “retail trade area” for Dale between Maryland Ave. and Topping St., and did additional examination of demographic, income, traffic, employment, and population trends for all of Como. These include challenges such as the “leakage” of retail dollars out of St. Paul into the shopping areas near Lexington and Larpenteur and elsewhere in Roseville.

The two studies were performed by the consulting firm of Perkins + Will. The firm’s Jay Demma will talk about the studies during the monthly District 10 Como Community Council meeting on Tues., Nov. 21. The meeting begins at 7pm at the Como Park Streetcar Station, which is at the northeast corner of Lexington and Horton.

The studies are part of an ongoing effort by the Como Community Council to build a foundation for additional business investment and amenities in the neighborhood.

Crime is up in Como (and down)
In the end, it all depends on how you look at it: Crime in Como through September of 2017 is up slightly from a year ago. But overall crime is down from where it was two years ago – comparing the first nine months from 2015.

In 2017, drug busts are up. Confirmed cases of gunshots are up. Commercial burglaries are up.

But statistics also show auto thefts are way down, “crimes against persons” are flat, “crimes against property” are down, and “quality of life” calls are down. Of course, where you live in the neighborhood also makes a difference.

That’s some of the analysis District 10 presented at a community crime meeting Oct. 10. More than 40 residents attended. You can get more charts and details of crime patterns on District 10’s website: www.district10comopark.org—click on “Crime is Up (or Down).” Plus, you can download highlights of crime prevention tips shared by Patty Lammers, crime prevention coordinator for the Western District of the St. Paul Police.

Tired of saying ‘nobody told me’?
If you haven’t heard the latest about German Immersion School expansion plans, renovation of the Schiffman Fountain in Como Park, or replacement trees on neighborhood boulevards, it probably means you haven’t been reading District 10’s weekly newsletter. If you sign up, we’ll send it to your email inbox every Friday morning. Get on our mailing list: Go to www.district10comopark.org and click the “sign up” link on the right side of our homepage.

Welcome new board members
Congratulations to Joseph Mueller and Dunette Combs, who were elected to fill vacancies on the Como Community Council board. Both of them represent Sub-District 4, which covers South Como and Energy Park. Mueller’s term expires in April 2018; Combs serves until April 2019.

…and committee members
The Como Community Council board on Oct. 17 appointed 13 residents to a new Como Park “pathways work group.” They are Tim Post (chair), Teri Alberico, Tom Beach, Andrew Gustin, Jess Landgraf, Don Magnuson, Jenne Nelson, Suzanne Rhees, Cody Zwiefelhofer, plus ex-officio members Richard Herriges, Jenny Larson, Michael Kuchta, and Dan Marckel.

The board also appointed Dana Hagemann to represent District 10 on the city’s Como Dockside evaluation committee. Hagemann joins current D10 board member Maggie Zimmerman on the committee.

Upcoming District 10 meetings
• Como Community Council Monthly Meeting: Tues., Nov. 21
• Environment Committee: Wed., Nov. 29
• Neighborhood Relations and Safety Committee: Tues., Dec. 5
• Land Use Committee: Wed., Dec. 6

All meetings begin at 7pm at the Como Park Streetcar Station, which is at the northeast corner of Lexington and Horton.

Community members are always welcome to attend and participate. Whenever possible, agendas are posted in advance in the “Board News” section of District 10’s website.

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