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Check out the Reindeer Cam

Posted on 11 December 2013 by robwas66

Dec2013IOC_ReindeerHow do reindeer spend their time leading up to their big day with the man in the red suit? Now you can see the daily details of their lives through Animal Planet LIVE’s  newest 24/7 cam. Viewers are invited to get to know Como Zoo’s three resident reindeer on Reindeer Cam. Reindeer Cam brings viewers a glimpse of the behaviors of Como’s hooved animals as they feed, navigate their habitat, and manage social relationships. In addition to being able to see them 24/7, Santa will personally check in and help feed his best friends (the ones with hooves, not pointy shoes) at noon on Dec. 18 and 23. Reindeer Cam is at http://www.apl.tv/reindeer.htm.

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