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Como Community Council Corner for Sept. 2018

Posted on 10 September 2018 by Calvin

By MICHAEL KUCHTA, Executive Director

Auto break-ins drive increase in Como area crime rate
A soaring number of car thefts and car break-ins drove up crime in District 10 by 25 percent in the first six months of 2018, according to preliminary data from the Saint Paul Police Department.

More than five times as many vehicles were stolen in the first six months of 2018 than in the same period 2017: 67 vs. 12 in raw numbers. Theft from vehicles also soared: 98 between January and the end of June 2018, compared with 61 during the same period of 2017.

As too many social media posts remind us, a lot of this theft occurs when people leave their car running, leave their car unlocked, or leave valuables in plain sight inside their vehicle.

Another trend of note: Home burglaries declined 25 percent. However, home burglaries where there was no forced entry rose. They now account for more than half of all home burglaries in the district. Police say these burglaries typically are the easiest to prevent. Instead, residents who leave doors, windows, or garages open, create crimes waiting to happen.

Get more details, and charts of year-to-year comparisons, on District 10’s website, www.district10comopark.org.

What’s with those scooters and bikes?
Dockless bicycles and electric scooters are showing up and zipping around all over Como. They are part of new contracts the City Council approved in August.

Photo right: Dockless bicycles and electric scooters are showing up and zipping around all over Como. (Photo provided)

A primary advantage of the dockless vehicles is that you can find them—and leave them—just about anywhere. But riders are not supposed to park them on sidewalks, at bus stops, or other places where they are in the way. That isn’t always happening. Nor are scooter riders always sticking to streets and bike lanes, as they are supposed to. Specifically, scooters are not supposed to ride on trails in Saint Paul parks, which includes Como Park and Wheelock Pkwy. That isn’t always happening either.

Find out more about this new era of getting around (including where to send your comments—good, bad, or mixed) in a detailed story on District 10’s website, www.district10comopark.org.

Trash pick-up changes
Six different haulers will handle trash pickup in Como once Saint Paul’s coordinated collection system begins in October. Trash day for most of District 10 will be Friday (beginning Oct. 5), the same day as recycling. For District 10 residents west of Hamline, however, trash day will be Monday (starting Oct. 1) but recycling day will remain Friday.

Some basics:
• The new trash carts are scheduled to be delivered in Como in mid- to late September, which means we should see them any day now. (Don’t use the carts, however, until new service starts Oct. 1.)
• Our new haulers are supposed to send us our bill this month for service between October-December.
• If you don’t like your cart size, you’ll have to live with it until January. Then you can switch it out for a larger or smaller option.
• Get full information on the city’s website: www.stpaul.gov/garbage.

Resource Fair is Oct. 13
Como Connect—a free resource fair connecting residents with local organizations that provide a range of services and opportunities—is Sat., Oct. 13. The fair runs 10am-2pm at Bethel Church, 670 Wheelock Pkwy. W. Watch for more details next month.

Upcoming District 10 Meetings
• Neighborhood Relations and Safety Committee: Tues., Sept. 11
• Como Community Council Monthly Meeting: Tues., Sept. 18
• Environment Committee: Wed., Sept. 26
• Neighborhood Relations and Safety Committee: Tues., Oct. 2
• Land Use Committee: Wed., Oct. 3

All meetings begin at 7pm, typically at the Como Park Streetcar Station, which is at the northeast corner of Lexington and Horton. Renters, homeowners, and other community members are always welcome to attend and participate. Whenever possible, agendas are posted in advance in the “Board News” section of District 10’s website.

Office closed: District 10’s office in the Como Park Streetcar Station will be closed Sept. 17-29. However, board members will hold office hours as usual on Sundays from noon-4pm on Sept. 16, 23, and 30.

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