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Here are some resolutions you can keep

Posted on 10 February 2020 by Tesha Christensen

Building a Stronger Midway

By CHAD KULAS, Midway Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

It’s January 2020, which means a new year and a new decade. For many, the start of a year is the best time to make resolutions – to change your life for the better. Unfortunately, we know how well many resolutions work. The gym is always the busiest in January. Many diets begun after the holidays are over before Valentine’s Day. So, what are some resolutions we can make that we can (hopefully) keep? And which also benefit our community?
Resolution 1: Discover a new local restaurant each month. I did this one year and had so much fun learning new (to me) gems in my neighborhood. University Ave. is home to one of the most diverse arrays of cuisines in the Twin Cities, with many making famed chef Andrew Zimmern’s lists for best places to eat in town. Bonus points for bringing a neighbor or even making it a night out for the block. However, dining out can be expensive so maybe instead you find a new grocery store. Or any retail store.
Resolution 2: Become more environmentally and energy efficient – and saving money in the process. Zero Waste Saint Paul is an organization with helpful tips on how to become more environmentally friendly with your waste (for more information, check out zerowastesaintpaul.com and look for the article in last month’s Monitor). Another way to be more sustainable, environmentally friendly and save money is to acquire used goods rather than buy new. The Midway-Frogtown Exchange is a Facebook page dedicated to residents interested in buying, selling or giving away items. A Goodwill is also located on University, along with more second-hand stores. If you’d rather just give away your old clothes, another wonderful place is Dress For Success, a nonprofit who accepts donated professional women’s attire so others can have nice outfits for a job interview.
The Midway is known for having some of the best transit options in the Twin Cities, from bus routes to light rail and bus rapid transit. Using public transit eliminates another idling motor on the road and the added risk of wear and tear on your vehicle. If you are planning to park somewhere with paid parking, taking public transit may be a cheaper option.
Resolution 3: Connect more with the community. Our lives are busy, and we all get into habits where we go directly home after work and don’t emerge until the morning. But people are happier when they are more engaged with the outside world, and what better way than with others who live near you. I spent six years on the Frogtown Neighborhood Association, and it helped me get to know more neighbors and find out what’s happening where I live. It also allowed me an opportunity to help shape what happened too. With so many charities close to us, find one with a mission you can become passionate about. Or perhaps you just help organize more neighborhood or block parties (it can happen more than just National Night Out).
Resolutions don’t have to be broken. And they can be more than just self-fulfillment. Resolve to learn more about your community – you’ll meet interesting people and have a good time!

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