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Monitor In A Minute September 2019

Posted on 17 September 2019 by Tesha Christensen

by Jane McClure

Survey on frontage roads
The St. Paul Department of Public Works is conducting a survey, prior to resurfacing the Concordia and St. Anthony avenues’ freeway frontage roads. The survey was posted in August on Twitter.
The 2021 project will include St. Anthony from Snelling Ave.to Victoria St., and Concordia from Lexington Parkway to Marion St. “Share your thoughts on how we can make these streets safer at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/94frontageroads,” the post stated.
The five-question survey asks how safe people feel walking, biking and driving along the streets. Both lack sidewalks in places. Neither has consistent bike improvements from end to end.
One survey question is, “What would make walking, bicycling or driving feel safer for you on St. Anthony and Concordia?” Survey-takers are also asked to identify where they live, by zip code.
Public Works will use the survey input to help shape plans and then take the plans out for community meetings at a later date.

Stormwater management eyed at Midway Center
A key piece of the Midway Center superblock and Allianz Field redevelopment went into place Aug. 7. The council approved the Snelling Midway Green Infrastructure Stormwater Management District, to outline management of and responsibilities for the extensive stormwater and drainage improvements done as part of soccer stadium and site redevelopment.
Putting the district in place establishes connections and ongoing operation and maintenance charges for property and uses served by the district’s stormwater infrastructure. The district and improved water runoff management practices have been in the works since stadium and area redevelopment planning got underway a few years ago.
The agreement involves Minnesota United FC and Midway Center owner RK Midway Shopping Center, LLC, RK University Midway, LLC and its affiliates. It governs the block bounded by Pascal St. and St. Anthony, Snelling and University avenues.
The sustainable stormwater management system was agreed upon in 2017, by the team and shopping center ownership. The agreement acknowledges that as the site continues to be redeveloped, any future development must pay to connect to this system as well as pay for the long-term maintenance of the stormwater management system. Water runoff is collected, filtered and reused at the site.
City officials studied a number of stormwater systems before one was chosen and installed. It is hoped that the district and its environmentally sustainable practices become a model for other redevelopment sites in St. Paul. A city ordinance passed earlier this year sets up regulations and payment structures for future districts.

Gabe’s obtains license change
Gabe’s by the Park, 991 N. Lexington Parkway, can play music over a speaker system on its patio. The St. Paul City Council Aug. 24 approved the changes to business licenses, dropping a longstanding condition banning music outdoors.
Added license conditions state that any activities taking place outdoors including those taking place on the outdoor patio seating area – such as music being played over a speaker system – shall comply with applicable state and local rules and regulations, including the city code. The patio speakers shall be turned off when the patio is closed and/or there is no food/beverage service provided directly by waitstaff. Amplified sound shall be controlled at all times so that it will not be audible at the residential properties across Lexington Parkway
The change has a recommendation of approval from Como Community Council, but did generate neighborhood objections, sending the issue to a legislative hearing this summer.
Two existing license conditions will remain. The patio will close by 11 p.m. and Gabe’s will not contract with Topline Credit Union, 976 N. Lexington Parkway, for use of its parking lot.

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