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The Monitor visits Update Company

Visit their website at: www.updatecompany.com

What’s Cookin’ visits Hampden Park Coop

Visit their website at: www.hampdenparkcoop.com

What’s Cookin’ visits Chocolat Céleste

Visit their website at: www.chocolatceleste.com

What’s Cookin’ visits Culver’s Restaurant

The Midway/Como/North End Monitor newspaper features the Midway area’s new Culver’s restaurant which recently opened on University Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota. Try the famous butter burger and custard sundaes — you won’t be disappointed! Visit their website at: www.culvers.com

What’s Cookin’ visits Standard Heating

Since 1930 Standard Heating & Air Conditioning has earned the trust of more than 450,000 homeowners in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. We specialize in residential indoor comfort systems including heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. Our in-home consultants and technicians are trained to be the best in the business. For more information, call 612-824-2656 or visit http://www.standardheating.com.

What’s Cookin’ visits Ginkgo Coffeehouse

Visit their website at: http://ginkgocoffee.com

What’s Cookin’ visits John’s Pizza Cafe on Como Ave.

Visit their website at: http://johnspizzacafe.com

What’s Cookin’ visits Linder’s Greenhouse in Saint Paul

Visit their website at: http://linders.com/

What’s Cookin’ visits Stasny’s Food Market

Visit their Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stasnys-Food-Market/106242176099078