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Peace Bubbles for Peace Makers

Posted on 20 March 2020 by Tesha Christensen

Melvin Giles


When you blow these Peace Bubbles
you transcend all limitations!
As you blow- bubbles, or you find yourself surrounded by bubbles,
Visualize & Energize the Circle of Connectedness:
with other Peacemakers!
By blowing these bubbles,
you will be spreading the seeds of Peace and Hope;
which when nurtured, will sprout & flourish!
When used, these bubbles create a favorable atmosphere
that reduces tension & violence in the world.
Become aware of others who are making Peace.

Blessed are the Peace Makers!

By Grateful Wolf (aka: Mary G. Salter)

May Peace Be In Frogtown, May Peace Be In Rondo, May Peace Be In Hamline/Midway, May Peace Be In St. Paul, May Peace Be In Our Homes & Communities, and May Peace Prevail On Earth!!!!!