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Saint Paul breaks ground on new Dickerman Park along Green Line

Posted on 08 August 2017 by Calvin

City leaders broke ground in mid-July on Saint Paul’s newest park. Dickerman Park is a quarter mile stretch of land located north of the green line on University Ave. between Fairview Ave. and Aldine St. The first phase of park construction—between Fairview Ave. and Wheeler St.—will conclude this November.

The land that will become Dickerman Park was originally donated to the City of St. Paul in 1909 by the Dickerman family in the hopes of it one day becoming a park. The space has had many makeshift uses over the years, including a parking lot and playground.

Photo right: This rendering of Dickerman Park was presented at the design process open house in 2015. The park will be built largely based on the rendering, but certain features have been altered or omitted. (Photo provided)

“Saint Paul has one of the best park systems in the country,” said Mayor Chris Coleman. “We have a system that serves all of our residents in every neighborhood. We have always planned for green spaces along the Green Line, and I hope that Dickerman Park will become a community landmark, and a catalyst for further investment and development in the area.”

To fully realize the original vision of the park, the space will feature walkways, seating, plaza space, public art, lighting, and planting areas. The existing white and burr oak trees throughout the park will be maintained and incorporated into the park’s design. Once completed, Dickerman Park will have low-growing, brightly colored gardens that span the park’s entire width and highlight the iconic oaks.

“The vision of the Green Line is not just about improved transit and additional development, but about spaces like parks where people want to stay and linger,” said Russ Stark, St. Paul City Council President and Ward 4 councilmember.

Dickerman Park is a part of the City of Saint Paul’s larger initiative to create vibrant gathering spaces along the green line corridor.

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