St. Paul Public Library celebrates Jody Huber as Volunteer of the Year

Posted on 24 July 2019 by Tesha Christensen

Jody Huber

Perhaps you have been to Hamline Midway’s monthly POV documentary series or stopped by Merriam Park to peruse Jody’s Quick Picks shelf?
The woman behind these popular programs is volunteer Jody Huber.
Huber has been recognized as Saint Paul Public Library’s Volunteer of the Year for her dedication in promoting the library’s values of learning, curiosity, connection and belonging.
Huber started volunteering at Merriam Park around 1993 where she carried out various tasks. Through building relationships with staff it became clear that her expertise and knowledge of film, art and literature could benefit the library in a more substantial way.
Thus began Jody’s Quick Picks at Merriam Park.
Huber curates and maintains this popular collection throughout the week and at the end of any given day, the shelf is mostly empty. The titles that Huber chooses are often independent films, quirky TV shows, and books that are acclaimed but not necessarily on the best seller list. The high circulation of these items is a direct credit to Huber’s dedication in pushing them forward onto the display and into customer’s curious hands.
Huber also uses her affinity for film in a popular monthly series at the Hamline Midway branch called Jody’s Documentary Series. Partnering with the PBS POV series and spending at least 15 hours a month researching and preparing, Huber is able to screen the show and conduct a lively community discussion after. This is a cherished program that welcomes all community members to discover and connect through the power of human story and conversation.
The library is not the only lucky institution to have Huber as a volunteer. She also contributes her time at the Minnesota Jewish Theater Company as an usher and as a docent at the Weisman Art Museum. Her many years experience as a docent at the Weisman has created yet another unique contribution to the library. The past three years Huber and Merriam Park’s children’s specialist, Margo Bock, have developed a program called Art It Up! Collaborative and interactive, this program connects a children’s book to artwork. Families receive a free copy of a book, read it together, and then meet at the library to discuss before heading off to the Weisman where Huber leads them through a museum adventure.
“This innovative approach to collaboration and volunteerism exemplifies Jody’s contribution to Saint Paul Public Library,” said Merriam Park’s volunteer supervisor Caitlin Kempainen. “It is really exciting that people who may regularly check out a DVD from Jody’s shelf will now know just how much she has given to our community.”

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