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Steve Kufus handball tourney 2019

Posted on 12 May 2019 by Tesha Christensen

Every year the Minnesota Youth Handball recognize a person that has given a lot to promote handball in Minnesota by naming the tournament after them. This year outstanding person is Steve Kufus who has given time to help teach, moral support and financial support to the Minnesota Youth Handball Community.
This year the Midway YMCA had a program called Court Sports where handball, racquetball and wolleyball is taught. The players entered the Minnesota State Handball 2019 tournament that was held at the University of Minnesota. Ayan Hassan a 11-year-old from Friends School won the 2 bounce Youth Handball Tournament.
The Youth Handball Program has been growing every year. This year the group taught 40 to 50 young adults (from eight different countries) to play the game. Phil Gebben Green, along with the University of Minnesota students, worked with the older players to teach not only handball but leadership, responsibility, honesty, friendship, and sportsmanship. Mitchell Lallier, along with the older players, worked with the younger players (5-12) to learn the value of playing handball at the Midway YMCA.