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To the Editor: Thank you, US Bank, for the many years of smiles

Posted on 29 December 2019 by Tesha Christensen

Dear Editor:
On Dec.3, the US Bank at 2383 University Ave. (University and Raymond) closed for good. The building was formally a “First Bank” when built in the late 1940s/early 1950s and has endured many years of development happening around it. A developer has bought the property and neighboring property to make way for student housing in the area. Having stood for 70 years, the building will be torn down in the spring of 2020. There are no plans to reopen in a different location at this time, so once the signs went dark on Tuesday evening, that will be the end for the two-story building that has sat on the corner where it has seen many changes over the course of its life. As the directory board in the front entry says, “Thank you for the many years of smiles.”
Jon Lindquist