Reach your body goals with the fastest non-invasive body sculpting treatment


(BPT) - Squats, planks, crunches, and cardio, leg days, keto, and fad diets, who has time to keep up? It’s no question that achieving your body goals can be overwhelming and time-consuming. It can be a challenge for most to find the right fitness and health habits that work with your schedule as you balance coming back into the office or adjusting your home life routine.

If it’s one key lesson we learned from the pandemic or recovering from burnout it’s that our time is valuable. We have become more tech forward in our search to simplify and get things done faster. The good news — this new societal expectation has brought a surge in tech innovation in fitness and aesthetic solutions.

Treatment options that can reduce fat and help tone in 15 minutes sound futuristic, but body and muscle sculpting has improved dramatically in the last few years and top aesthetic providers have caught on.

According to Irena Azaraev, owner of BYou Laser Clinic with locations in Brooklyn, New York, and Oceanside, Long Island, “With non-invasive truSculpt® iD by Cutera® we can reduce body fat on the areas that are a problem. The treatment is adjustable to comfort level, there is virtually no recovery time, and we can achieve an average of 24% fat reduction in just one treatment1,2. Our clients can get back to their normal activities immediately after the treatment.”

She continues, “truSculpt iD is ideal for both women and men looking to tackle that trouble area without surgery, scars or anesthes­ia. For optimal results, and to treat areas like the tummy, we love combining it with truSculpt flex for muscle toning. This is called the truBody treatment.”

For a busy person a truBody treatment can be a game-changer! With only one 15-minute truSculpt iD and four quick truSculpt flex treatments, a patient can easily complete a truBody session in under a month. Dr. Dan Hatef, of Hatef Aesthetics in Nashville, Tennessee, sees celebrities, influencers and top patients who love the quick time frame.

“truBody is great for those who have a hard time reaching their body goals despite their efforts through dieting and regular exercise. The abdomen is one of the most popular treatment areas in my practice as it is the most stubborn area of fat,” he says.

“We also see plenty of patients who are avid gym-goers looking to push past their limits. A lot of our fit patients have hit a muscle plateau in which their progress slows or they stop seeing results altogether. truSculpt flex is a great solution for this as the different treatment modes target and stimulate the muscles in multiple directions. This causes muscle confusion which helps eliminate plateaus. Our patients are wowed when we tell them that truSculpt flex simulates 54,000 crunches in one session,” says Hatef.

After reviewing the outcomes on the results speak for themselves. Anything that can help focus on what makes us happy, healthy, balanced and confident is worth investing in. Looking for a truBody provider in your area? Visit for more information and to get connected with a practice.

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