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Supporting local with 2021 Midway Chamber Directory


For longtime Midway residents, you may notice every spring you receive a copy of the Midway Chamber directory with one of the regular issues of the Monitor. The directory lists all Midway Chamber members and highlights our events and programming. It also includes advertisements from businesses, schools, and nonprofits who support our community.
Years before I worked for the Midway Chamber, I remember getting the directory delivered to my house. I remember using it to find businesses I could support and saw it as a very localized version of the Yellow Pages. One year I made a New Year’s resolution to try a new restaurant in my neighborhood each month (like most resolutions, don’t ask me if I made it through the entire year). The directory was able to help me find new places, some I still order from.
One positive trend from this past year is the urge from many to buy and support locally owned stores and businesses. Unfortunately, this trend stems from the poor economy and the major hit so many small businesses have dealt with due to the pandemic. I hope people continue to see the value in supporting local once the pandemic ends and the economy (hopefully) bounces back. Now is the time to pay back all those local businesses who have sponsored youth teams and donated auction items to nonprofit auctions.
The advertisers in the directory help make its publication possible. With the directory going to nearly 20,000 households, as well as commercial spaces and Midway Chamber members, advertisers are in front of many neighbors. My hope is with the push to support local, and the fact so many residents are staying close to their homes, our advertisers will see greater support than usual from readers who get the directory.
The 2020 directory was published early on in the pandemic, and its hard to realize almost a year has gone by (if you started working from home in March you are around 300 days into your “home office”). But getting ready to publish another directory is a nice way to reconnect with neighbors and remind them of the many businesses, schools, and nonprofits who make us unique. I hope Monitor readers will enjoy the directory and resolve to use it to help them support local.
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