Who is on the ballot in St. Paul in 2022?


• Ramsey County Commissioner District 3: Trista MatasCastillo, David A. Singleton
• Ramsey County Commissioner District 4: Barbara Bolar, George H. Jackson Sr., Rena Moran, Darryl Spence
• County Sheriff: Bob Fletcher
• County Attorney: John J Choi
• Senate District 64:
Robert Bushard, R
Erin Murphy, DFL
• Senate District 65:
Paul Holmgren, R
Zuki Ellis, DFL
Sheigh Freeberg, DFL
Sandy Pappas, DFL
• Senate District 66
Jeremy J. Peichel, Libertarian
Mikki M Murray, R
Clare Oumou Verbeten
• House District 64A
Dan Walsh, R
Kaohly Vang Her, DFL
• House District 64B
Lorraine Englund, R
Dave Pinto, DFL
• House District 65A
John Schonebaum, R
Samakab Hussein, DFL
Miki Frost, Legal Marijuana Now
• House District 65B
Kevin Fjelsted, R
Anna Botz, DFL
Maria Isa Pérez-Hedges, DFL
• House District 66A
Trace Johnson, R
Leigh Finke, DFL
Dave Thomas, DFL
• House District 66B
Jay Hill, R
Athena Hollins, DFL
• Congressional District 4: Betty McCollum (incumbant), Amane Badhasso and Fasil Moghul are DFL candidates; May Lor Xiong, Gene Rechtzigel, and Jerry Silver are the Republican candidates

Other  races:
• Governor/Lt. Governor (Primary for DFL and Republican candidates)
• Attorney General (Primary for DFL and Republican candidates)
• Secretary of State (Primary for DFL and Republican candidates)
• Auditor

*Note: Ward 1 Council Member Dai Thao has announced his resignation as of Aug. 1, and a new council member will be appointed by the council for the remainder of his term through December 2023.


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