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It’s a wrap - an 11-year review

From Amy Brendmoen’s e-newsletter:
Thursday (Dec. 28, 2023) = in city hall, Jessica (Larson Johnston) and I met with Councilmember-elect Hwa Jeong Kim and future Legislative Aide, Abdihamid Badri, to loop them into the on-going drum beat that is Ward 5 and Saint Paul. They are eager, curious, interested, fun, and professional. I feel excited to see how they will partner together and with the new majority council in the days and months to come. I’d say you’re in good hands, people.
We cleaned out the Ward 5 office to ready it for its new occupants. We helped Janie Vang pack out to join Ward 7, and we welcomed Jenna McCullough in to her new office space as the Ward 5 Executive Assistant – she’s excited to serve her home ward! Then Jessica and I left the Courthouse together, hugged outside of the iconic building in absolute joy and in bitter-sweetness for these wonderful years.
Thank you Ward 5 residents, friends, family, supporters, agitators, stakeholders, lake-lappers, community, and beyond for your important roles in this incredible journey. It has been an absolute high-flying roller coaster ride; with highs and lows, climbs and drops, loops and curves, speed, vistas and so much glee. The kind of ride where it comes to an end and you’re hoarse from screaming, exhausted from laughing, whiplashed from the unexpected and all you can do is smile and look at your seatmate and say, “THAT WAS AWESOME! WHAT SHOULD WE DO NEXT?” I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished, together.
I’ll be here, in Como Park, cheering for our lovely Saint Paul as we continue moving forward. Be in touch!
With Love and Gratitude,
PS: My dear friend and colleague, Mayor Carter, declared December 22, 2023 Amy Brendmoen Day in Saint Paul. Read all about it below.
Whereas, Amy Brendmoen was first sworn in to the Saint Paul City Council in 2012, was elected Council President by her peers in 2018, and has served in that role since. Throughout her time in office, Amy has focused on the betterment of Saint Paul and on drawing special attention and investment to the neighborhoods of Ward 5 including the Greater East Side, Railroad Island, the North End, Rice and Larpenteur, and Como Park; and
Whereas, Amy has served on the Saint Paul Housing and Redevelopment Authority since 2012, serving as its chair from 2015-2018 through the height of the mortgage crisis to housing recovery. Amy crafted the council’s omnibus Fair Housing Resolution of 2017 that laid the groundwork for the city’s Fair Housing Action plan. She advocated for the first rental rehabilitation program, led an overhaul of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit scorecard, and retooled the city’s housing renovation program to match the housing environment and our affordability goals; and
Whereas, as Council President, Amy wrangled the council’s annual budget process and its related policy development, leading a group of seven individuals with varied backgrounds, talents, and priorities. She has been highly successful in facilitating inclusive processes – where the councilmembers’ individual interests are vetted and merged to craft a shared priorities agenda, providing greater potential for political and community success; and
Whereas, among notable contributions, Amy established the Railroad Island Neighborhood Group, advanced the vision and construction of the North End Community Center, brought new turf fields to Sylvan Park, delivered Sepak Tekraw to Marydale Park, re-opened Wilder Recreation Center, and championed housing at Willow Reserve, Swede Hollow and Rice and Sycamore. Amy launched and grew the Rice Larpenteur Alliance which expedited the inevitable closing of the city’s last strip club, and most recently, she convened the Como, Front and Dale Entrepreneur Zone and kicked off and secured funding for a process to reimagine the city-owned Como Lakeside Pavilion; and
Whereas, with her sharp wit and sense of humor, Amy has the ability to make people feel welcome and at ease, whether giving opening remarks for the council, the mayor, or on a community member’s doorstep, she is spot on. Amy routinely invited young people to sit at the dias and talk into the microphones to introduce themselves and talk about Saint Paul. Amy has been a lifelong champion of and intentional mentor to women in leadership. She is now fittingly passing the torch to our first all-women council. Amy led a successful campaign to supplant the imposing murals in the chambers that were non-inclusive of women and marginalized black and indigenous men; and
Whereas, Amy is a fun-seeker and has a deep connection to the outdoors. This was exemplified by her marriage-celebration to Mike Hahm featuring a 30-boat flotilla of costumed friends on the Mississippi River. Further incorporating this spirit was Amy’s nearly 1,000 miles of “lake laps” with community members and the displays of dozens of local artists featured in her office. Amy is a proud mom to three outstanding young men: Sawyer, Haakon and Lars Neske. These civic-minded, engaged gents are products of our Saint Paul public schools, libraries, parks, and rec centers; and
Whereas, we join members from across our community in thanking and celebrating Council President Brendmoen’s service to our city, and wish her well as she continues to find new ways to make her mark on Saint Paul; and
Now, Therefore, I, Melvin Carter, Mayor of the City of Saint Paul, do hereby proclaim Friday, Dec. 22, 2023 to be:
Amy Brendmoen Day
In the City of Saint Paul


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