Planting seeds

Lil Red Corvette: little free library on wheels

I’m sharing news about Jacob Deisch of Gideon’s Barber Shop (1832 E 35th S, Minneapolis) this month.
What is your vision?    
Deisch: Gideon’s aims to deliver a barbershop experience characterized by art, service, and education. We are committed to craft and courtesy. And we believe that every customer deserves custom. 
Another way to explain it, is that Gideon’s Barber Shop is this marriage between something old and something new, something tried and something true. 
What are the milestones over the past three years?    
Deisch: First things first: We’ve consistent flow and book exchanges happening at our Lil Red Corvette (our little free library, on wheels). Thanks to Benny Roberts and Urban Ventures, we have been a LFL: Read in Color steward since the summer of 2021. In that same year, GBS was an honoree for the Twins Game changer award, during the award’s inaugural year. An honor which included an interview with Bally Sports North. The shop was also celebrated by Kare 11 during their segment “Communities that Kare,” highlighting the work the barbershop does beyond its ability to produce style and fashion for its patrons. 
What I am most proud of is watching children grow more and more curious about our book, vinyl, and cassette libraries, which shows me their eagerness to learn from the world of their elders. A lot of the milestones I’ve reached have been social, internal, and intangible. 
One of which is consistently maintaining a therapeutic space, which enables people to self-actualize and find the good purpose God has for their lives. 
How can the community support your efforts?    
I want the community to continue to deepen in its ability to provide holistic services, even within simple business models such as barbershops, salons, restaurants, etc. To be truly impactful is to learn how to better serve people and practice hospitality. 
We are in this to grow together. One seed at a time.
Through her organization, Planting People Growing Justice Leadership Institute, Dr. Artika Tyner seeks to plant seeds of social change through education, training, and community outreach.


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