Building a stronger Midway

Midway Chamber joins forces (and office space) with our district councils


Since the ‘90s, the Midway Chamber of Commerce has had an office at the Spruce Tree Centre. Anyone who spends time in the Midway knows it as the “big green tile building at the corner of Snelling and University.” The building has served us well, with a location in the heart of the Midway and at a very busy intersection. The building has usually had a high occupancy and it has been good to connect with other tenants.
The Midway Chamber has also shared office space with others over time, but perhaps not anyone as fitting as our two new roommates: two local neighborhood district councils. This spring, the Hamline Midway Coalition and Union Park District Council moved in with us.
This is a move that excites all three organizations. It helps all of us stay afloat of what’s happening in the community, and with each of us hearing different information and having different sources, it has made us all more aware of news we should know. We have been able to connect each other with new contacts, which no doubt will lead to positive outcomes.
Symbolically, the move also makes sense. Snelling and University is in the midst of the Midway Chamber territory and is the border for the two district councils. Residents of both district councils utilize businesses and amenities around this intersection, and drive or take transit through it regularly. The Hamline Midway Coalition recently adopted a light rail station at the intersection, doing regular cleanups and talking to people who use the station.
This is not only an important intersection throughout our city’s history, but is (no pun intended) at a crossroads currently. There are threats, such as a perception of safety issues. But also opportunities, like the upcoming United Village project and whatever may come of the former CVS. Having our three organizations become even closer could be very important as we work together to shape this intersection for the future.


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