Write in to say no to a fossil gas plant


To the Editor:
Citizens of St. Paul - we have an opportunity before us to drastically cut our carbon emissions. We have an opportunity to control how we get our power and how we use our energy. We have an opportunity to switch to clean energy and not fossil gas. And, most importantly, we have an opportunity to preserve our city, our state, our planet, and all the generations that come after us.
The Public Utilities Commission will vote on how we get our energy, and we can let them know we do not want it from fossil gas. The fossil gas plant in Becker, MN, that Xcel wants to build is a massive obstruction to our opportunity for a better place to live.
This plant will undo any work being done to cut our use of carbon - and we, the ratepayers, will pay for it.
Amazing things have been uncovered from numerous organizations that show we don’t need fossil gas. We have the ability to get energy from rooftop solar - including houses, businesses, and schools. We can get our energy from wind. We have the ability to cut the demand of energy. We have the ability to save energy. We have the ability to store energy. We can electrify the system and make sure the infrastructure is in place to make that happen.
This is all possible if we act now. Thirteen of 17 of our district councils have voted to reject this fossil gas plant. Our city council has approved a plan that demands cleaner energy and rejects the building of this plant. It is time for you to let the Public Utilities Commission know: you are a citizen of St. Paul and you don’t want this plant built.
To contact the Public Utilities Commission, fill out the form at: mn.gov/puc/consumers/speak-up. Enter document number E002/RP-19-368
Aaron Kerr
Como Park


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