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A simple thing: Bubbles


It’s just another day in quarantine. The Minnesota winter feels extra cold as negative temperatures discourage walks and breaks away from laptops, people, and small spaces.
She thought this was going to be another one of “dad’s dumb ideas,” the almost-alliteration she expected to play on repeat with her father’s ideas. Her little brother danced around with the wand in hand.
“I LOVE bubbles!!” he exclaimed over and over again.
“Grab your hat,” she said grumpily. She pushed him out into the snow and closed the door behind them. The frosty wind met her warm cheeks, making her wince with regret at coming outside. The south Minneapolis alleyway was lit with street lamps as soft snow fell. It was quiet except for an occasional siren or car honking. She watched her brother try hopelessly to blow bubbles, his one eyebrow raised as he concentrated on the task at hand.
Why can’t we blow bubbles inside, she thought to herself, annoyed as her toes grew colder and her hands numbed. After another minute full of failed attempts, his eyes met hers.
“I can’t do it…” he sighed sadly. “I can’t get the bubble to form. You do it.”
She reached hastily for the container, eager to create one bubble and then call it quits. She grasped the wand and blew slowly and carefully. A bubble began to form and then quickly popped.
“Not so easy, huh?” her brother smirked. She rolled her eyes and tried again. To both of their surprise, a glistening ball slowly bounced off of the wand and landed in the snow. Before their eyes, it began to freeze. The edges curled slightly and a dome was formed. The light snow falling from the sky added a cake-like topping, creating a sparkle effect. They both stared for a minute, the cold and bitterness of the day, no, the past year, absorbing into nothingness.
But see, the most simple of things in life are always waiting to surprise you. Even when it’s -10 degrees outside.
Abha Karnick is a south Minneapolis resident with East Indian roots who graduated from Hamline University in 2019. Her passion lies in storytelling and finding moments to capture.


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