I support Zuki Ellis


As a current SPPS board member, I know how important it is to have experienced leadership fighting for the educational opportunities our students deserve.
I’ve worked with Zuki Ellis for 6 years and shared her friendship for many more. She shows up. She visits our schools to embrace sorrow and joy, to listen and give hope. She meets students, educators, support staff, trades, everyone in the buildings because she knows they all help our students achieve. People know her and trust her. That’s why she’s such an effective leader and why I’m proud to call her colleague and friend.
This election is important. We’re at a critical moment for our school district. Our enrollment has finally turned a corner, students and families are returning. There’s more funding, but much of it is one time money that will go away too soon. Understanding how to oversee the most effective use of those funds takes experience. Understanding which programs to  support and how to support them successfully takes experience.  Zuki has that experience. She’s a SPPS parent, graduate, 2-term board member, and has served as chair and vice-chair.
She’s a special education advocate, teacher trainer, has handled dozens of contract negotiations, served on state and local  boards, and is Labor endorsed.
Most importantly, she's laser-focused on putting the needs of our students first. They need more support services to  overcome the trauma and opportunity gaps that still exist. They need our understanding and fierce commitment to their  genius. They need hope and love.
That's what Zuki brings to SPPS every day. She has the professional and lived experience to effectively lead, govern, and  show up for our students, families, district, and St. Paul. Please join me in voting for Zuki Ellis for St. Paul Public School  Board. Experience and heart matter. Thank you
Jeannie Foster


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