I support changes to zoning to allow for more housing options


I support changes to zoning to allow for more housing options
Saint Paul is currently in Phase 2 of changing our zoning laws to allow for more duplexes, triplexes, and quadplexes on lots that are currently only zoned for single-family homes. I know the idea of higher density rental units in neighborhoods can be a little scary for folks who are adverse to change within their communities they love dearly. However, this change in zoning laws is addressing community change that has already taken place.
Our neighborhoods and downtown have exploded in population density by 2.55% since the last census year and 7.1% since the year 2000. Unfortunately our options for affordable, family-centric housing options have NOT grown at that scale. Aside from downtown luxury apartment units that have been constructed, options for families who cannot afford purchasing single-family homes are increasingly limited. Due to many factors including the economic and housing crisis we are experiencing, the timing of the zoning law changes could not be more critical.
We MUST ensure that Saint Paul families have options within our city for safe, affordable, and sustainable housing options in our city. The creation of more multi-family housing units will ensure that families who would otherwise be displaced by rising rental prices or the inability to purchase homes have a place to live and brighten their communities overall.
More housing options like the proposed has direct positive impacts such as lowering crime rates, lowering the rate of families currently living in doubled-up situations, increasing longevity due to health benefits, and overall improving the quality of life for Saint Paulites who have called this land home for years. I, for one, am so excited to welcome new neighbors to my community and see the positive impact the zoning changes have on the quality of our neighborhoods and the relationships our city has with its residents.
Lauren McCabe


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