I am saddened to learn our elected city officials have decided to misspend taxpayers’ money to demolish this beautiful old building. Our elected officials, not just city but also state, seem to believe if they make minor or no repairs needed on a public building entrusted to their care, they have the right to designate millions or billions of tax dollars to repair at a later date (like they did with our state capitol) or demolish Minnesota and city public buildings only to rebuild at additional millions or billions of dollars. They have too much of our money already for the many bike lanes on our city streets which are not used in proportion to the money spent. I do not see Mayor Carter on any of these bike paths. As a matter of fact, many bicyclers will not travel on them because they are too dangerous due to traffic and being too narrow.
St. Paul is so unique with its historic old buildings and their wonderful architecture. It would make a great advertisement for tourism to Minnesota along with our museums, zoos, etc.

Audrey Clasemann


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