Building a stronger Midway

The new apartments of the Midway


If you were to travel back in time five or 10 years ago and walk around the Midway, it may feel like traveling back much farther. In a mere 10 years, we have gone from having initial construction down the middle of University to a full-fledged light rail line with many stops. We have a rapid bus transit line running down Snelling. Ten years ago, the thought of Allianz Field and chants of “Minnesota Black and Blue” were only a dream of the commissioner of Major League Soccer.
And there’s all the development. Much of it occurred close to light rail stops, fulfilling one of the best prophesies of the line. The development projects, and the cranes and construction workers that go with it, have been common appearances for years. But lately as you’ve been up and down University Avenue you may wonder what the new projects are. The answer often has been housing. Here are some examples of what’s new up and down University.
MODA on Raymond – University and Raymond. The former US Bank site is now a 220-unit six story building with future retail space on the ground level. First tenants moved in Aug. 1. Developer: Kraus Anderson. 760 Raymond Avenue.
Midline Apartments – University, east of Hampden. Between the Wright Building and McDonald’s sits the new 154-unit complex, Midline. Construction was completed spring 2022 and includes a mix of unit types. Developer: Paster Properties. 2227 University Avenue.
Morrow Apartments – University and Fairview. Formerly a parking lot for Goodwill/Easter Seals, Morrow opened in 2021 and has 243 units over five floors. Developer: Reuter Walton. 1855 University Avenue.
Snelling/University – Two new apartment complexes have opened recently: The Pitch and The Pivot. Both offer commercial space on the ground level with 160 units over five floors (The Pitch) and 137 units over six floors (The Pivot). The Pitch was developed by Wellington Management and is at 427 Snelling Avenue North. The Pivot is managed by Saturday Properties and is at 455 Snelling Avenue North.
While all with their unique locations and qualities, many of these apartment buildings have similarities. For one, almost all market themselves as being midway between the two downtowns and in the center of the Twin Cities. They note this for its convenience, just as they do when they point out the nearby amenities and transit options. Like with commercial space following light rail construction, those moving into these buildings are seeing the benefits of transit and are utilizing all the neighborhood has to offer. Like with other properties in the Midway, including single family homes, many residents are either one-car or zero-car households.
Walkability is increasingly an asset in new construction and future developments keep that in mind. As these housing projects get built, look to other new development within a short walk. These added amenities in an already walkable neighborhood should mean an increase in population for the Midway.
The Midway is always changing, and every five or 10 years a time travel backward would look very different. Our neighborhood is always a mix of new construction with old, historic buildings. A lot of our newest developments mean an influx of new residents, which will add to the changing Midway. The new residents and the future commercial developments to follow will make for exciting times. I look forward to welcoming our new neighbors.


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