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We are supporting teachers at Dec. 15 event


Planting People Growing Justice™ Leadership Institute (PPGJLI) is honoring educators with our Teacher Appreciation event. All area elementary school teachers are invited to attend. The special event will be held Thursday, Dec. 15, 2022, from 5–6 p.m. at The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis, located at 410 Oak Grove St. in Minneapolis.
During the 2020/21 school year, teachers spent on average $750 of their own money for school supplies. This is an increase of 25% and the highest amount reported by Adopt a Classroom’s research division.
PPGJLI is dedicated to growing futures. One of the key ways that we achieve this goal is by supporting teachers with the resources they need. PPGJLI will be giving away backpacks filled with school supplies and diverse children’s books.
PPGJLI will also celebrate the many elementary school teachers and the important job they undertake daily to educate and inspire the next generation. One of the many goals of teachers is supporting literacy, as does the PPGJLI. In Minnesota, this is vitally important when less than half of Minnesota third-graders are meeting state reading standards (48%) with only 32% of children of color proficient in reading by third grade.
Teachers are an invaluable asset to the community, providing the building blocks of education that scholars will build upon and utilize throughout their lifetime. Teachers are a critical asset to overall society, imparting the knowledge needed for students to obtain economic security, equity, and develop core leadership competencies.
Every individual can name one special teacher that inspired them to become a journalist, judge, engineer, or medical professional. Many teachers supported me on my learning journey. The teachers at Highland Park inspired me to dream big and prepared me for my future career. My teachers at the Science Museum of Minnesota taught me how to leverage my STEM training to think critically and solve complex challenges. All of my learning experiences inspired me to become an educator, author, and civil rights attorney.
As a first-generation college student, I can personally attest to the fact that educators create change in the lives of their students. Knowledge has a ripple effect that has long-ranging effects, like inspiring children to become readers and leaders. This is why we are supporting and celebrating teachers during this event.
PPGJLI’s Teacher Appreciation event will provide elementary school teachers with an opportunity to share, network, and obtain essential school supplies for their students.
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Through her organization, Planting People Growing Justice Leadership Institute, Dr. Artika Tyner seeks to plant seeds of social change through education, training, and community outreach.


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